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Solar Stik

The Solar Stik™ System can be the "primary" power generator for applications ranging from recreational to tactical, or to simply keep life's necessities operating during times of crisis. The system will support medical, logistical, and tactical equipment, or simply a computer, small refrigerator, television, radio, fan, rechargeable devices, or lights.

Some readily available DC appliances include:

  • laptop computers
  • TVs
  • stereo systems
  • fans
  • coffee makers
  • blenders
  • refrigeration
  • water pumps
  • lights
  • communications equipment
  • handheld electronics
  • rechargeable tools

At the heart of every Solar Stik™ System is a solar generator, and it is available in four versions:

Solar Stik™ System

  • The Terra system has MPPT charge control options that can be tailored to the user's specific needs.  For example, the RV Pak allows instant "Plug & Play" connection of the Solar Stik™ to any standard 7-way trailer plug found commonly on mobile trailers, campers, and more.  The Terra Pak can be installed anywhere there is a 12 Volt battery and provides the user with a "Plug & Play" method of connecting the Solar Stik™ to a motor-home, remote cabin, mobile trailer, and more.
  • The Solar Stik™ Marine system includes Blue Sky Energy Solar Boost™ 2000E MPPT charge control (and battery temperature sensor)
  • Power Paks are available for field operations where the Solar Stik™ needs to operate as a "stand-alone" power generator. The "briefcase-like" Power Paks are available in two battery configurations and serve as mobile power platforms providing both DC and AC power. The Power Pak is also "field-serviceable".
  • The Pro-Series Power Paks have rapid "Plug & Play" capabilities with any other Pro-Series component, additional power storage using Expander Paks, and rapid adaptability for remote field operations.
  • Application Paks are available and include Inverter Paks, ERgonomic COmfort (ERCO) Paks, Water-maker Paks, Military Deployment Kits, and more!
  • Inverter Paks are available in nearly any power model, 120VAC, 220VAC, including the European "Schuko" plug.
  • Optional Accessories are available that will allow the Solar Stik™ System to support additional equipment such as wind-generator, radar dome, TV antenna or satellite dish, GPS, or other device(s).  There are many Solar Stik™ Packages available that provide features for the operator using "Plug & Play" setup or installation.

The Power Pak 50 has MPPT Charge Controls

Solar Stik™ and Power Pak 100 shown

There are three "Series" of Power Paks:

ALL Power Paks now have engraved faceplates

The Power Pak allows the Solar Stik™ to operate as a stand-alone power generator in any application where a portable gasoline generator would be used.  It was designed as a highly mobile platform that provides 12VDC and 120VAC power for a wide variety of applications ranging from the recreational to the military, and can be operated with or without the Solar Stik™.

ll Power Paks employ TWIN-AGM batteries.  The Power Pak 50 has 50 Amp-hours of reserve capacity, and the Power Pak 100 can deliver an unparalleled 100 Amp-hours of 12 Volt DC power. TheTtwin-AGM battery design is a critical feature as it provides system redundancy, which is important in remote or austere location operation.

The Expander Pak 100 can store 100 Amp-Hours of power

Solar Stik™ System Manuals

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