Nick 'Uhtomsky (hvac) wrote,
Nick 'Uhtomsky

Ami go home !

"Go home, Yankee Doodle !"

Канцлер Германии Ангела Меркель предложила Европе взять ведущую роль в определении новых правил для мировых финансовых рынков, поскольку "англосаксонская" модель потерпела неудачу.

Ami go home!

Can you see the cop?
Do not see him as the person,
Which has a wife, a house, two kids,
See him as the function.
Can you see the soldiers?
Those, who shoot and do not aks?
Dear god, let them take more of them
Dead back home.
Come back to Heidelberg
We will send as greeting
Not only one, not only two,
Not only three, we will bring a truck
With incendiary compositions and cocktail-bottles
smoke-bombs and building-center bags
So that every sod,
Positioned in germany, dies.
Your Charlont Heston-faces
Have as little business here as the
Triso-faces of our
German bald heads
On the asshole-chart
You can score mega-super
Bomb-jacket, ami-dress coat:
One and the same Fascho-pack
Annex america!

(Samsas Traum)


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