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EBook reader : Тhe Cybook Gen3

350$ -Cybook

450$ -Cybook DeLuxe



4.7" x 7.4" x 0.3"
118 x 188 x 8.5 mm


6.13 ounces -174 g
battery included


6" E Ink® Vizplex screen
[4.8"x3.6"- 122mmx91mm]
600x800 pixels, 166 dpi
B&W, 4 grayscale
Daylight readable
No backlight
Portrait and landscape mode


buttons "ON/OFF", "Up ", "Down", "Right ", "Left", "Enter ", "Delete", "Menu", "Music".

Power Supply:

Universal AC 100~240V, DC 5V 700mA
Plugs: Euro 2Pin, UK 3Pin, US 2Pin

Operating System:

Embedded Linux

Software suite:

Bookeen® Multi-format eBook reader
Supported image formats: JPG, GIF, PNG
Supported sound format: MP3


Rechargeable built-in Li-Polymer battery (1000 mAh)
8,000 screen refresh battery life


Samsung® S3C2410 ARM920T 200MHz

ROM memory:

8 MB

RAM memory:

16 MB

Storage memory:

64 MB


USB Client (v2.0) - Mini USB B connector

In the box:

Cybook eBook reading device
USB cable
Quick Start Guide
Charger (Deluxe version)
Case (Deluxe version)
2GB SD card (Deluxe version)
Extra battery (Deluxe version)
Stereo earphones (Deluxe version)


Upgrade procedure:

via SD card (both OS and reading application can be upgraded)

Language support:

all languages except right-to-left ones







TrueType font files

Mobipocket features

Huge catalogue:

The Mobipocket eBook format allows you to read any of the 45,000 premium or 10,000 free titles that are available from hundreds of publishers around the world. Mobipocket books are not just available in English, but also in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Danish, Polish and Russian and you will be able to buy them from nearly 200 online resellers!

Cross platform:

Mobipocket files can be read on Cybook, but also on PDAs or PCs. Your downloaded files can be encrypted for several devices at the same time. For example you can either use your MobipocketTM dictionnary on your PC and on your Cybook

MobipocketTM Desktop Reader:


The free Mobipocket Desktop Reader software(3) which is available from the Mobipocket website allows you to easily download and manage your books. It contains a library that gives you an overview of all your books and with the press of a button you can transfer them to your Cybook. Through the built-in shop interface you browse the online bookstores from Mobipocket and its resellers (please check Mobipocket Desktop Reader description page to get more information).

(3)for Microsoft Windows only. This software is not required for buying and downloading Mobipocket books.

MobipocketTM eNews

The latest news on your Cybook or reading your favorite website offline? This is now possible with the revolutionary RSS eNews feature of the MobipocketTM Desktop Reader software(4). The software allows you to easily synchronize RSS feeds from any website to your Cybook. To learn more about eNews.

(4)for Microsoft Windows only. This software is required for generating and downloading MobipocketTM eNews.

Create your Mobipocket digital documents

You can also use the MobipocketTM Desktop Reader to create your own digital documents by converting office documents (Word, RTF, Excel, Powerpoint) , CHM or OCF to Mobipocket format. You can thus easily transfer them to your Cybook and read them.


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