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Cлава IRA !

The Belfast Brigade

[..] sent the feelers out
To shoot the people down.
He thought the I.R.A. were dead
In dear Old Belfast town,
But when he got to Belfast
He was seriously delayed
By the Fighting First Battalion
Of the Belfast Brigade.
Glory! Glory! to Old Ireland,
Glory! Glory! to this island,
Glory to the memory of the men who fought and fell,
"No Surrender" is the war cry
Of the Belfast Brigade.
We have no costly tenders
Nor no unsecures to show,
We're at need to defend ourselves
No matter where we go,
We're out for our Republic,
To hell with every State!
"No Surrender" is the war cry
Of the Belfast Brigade.
Now the soldiers came from Hollywood
Equipped with English guns,
They've men by the thousand
Ammunition by the ton,
But when they got to Belfast
They were seriously delayed,
By the rifles and revolvers
Of the Belfast Brigade.

The British Army Withdraws from Ulster

The British army's operation in Northern Ireland has come to an end after 38 years — the Army's longest ever continuous campaign, with more than 300,000 personnel taking part.

Британская армия уходит из Ольстера .1969-2007гг

И.Р.А. является Армией законного правительства Единой Ирландской Республики 1918 года,ведущей военную кампанию против армии другого государства, Великобритании, которая оккупировала часть их страны..



Glory IRA and Sinn Fein!

Учебник добровольцев Ирландской республиканской армии.

Приёмы партизанской войны за освобождение родины.

Слушать песни героев resistance:image

The Belfast Brigade: IRA Song

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